*Please read my TOU*

I am using the beautiful art of © Jennifer Janesko
You can purchase her art HERE
Please do not use the same tube unless you have a valid license!


This gorgeous scrapkit is called ‘Muted Whispers’
from Shhh Scrapz and you can purchase it from
Digital Chaos

Frame & Tag – This beautiful frame and tag are freebies from Smiloche’s
‘Alix Add on kit’
You can download them HERE

Mask – Mask108-border_by_nb2007 HERE

Lets Get Started!

1. Open a new white canvas 700×700
2. Open your Alix kit and choose a frame, I am using Frame2
3. Resize by 27%, copy merged and paste as a new layer
4. Choose a paper from the kit, I am using paper9, and paste as a new layer
under your frame
5. Layers, load mask from disk, find Mask108-border_by_nb2007
source luminance, fit to layer, invert transperency, hide all mask Checked
6. Load and merge group
7. View, rulers
8. Selection tool, set to rectangle, start at 300 and move all the way to the right
and drag to the bottom
9. Copy this then go to selections, invert, delete, select none
10. Paste as a new layer, Image flip and move this half of the mask over to
the left of your canvas (see tag for reference)Merge down your top layer
11. Add a drop shadow of 0,2,80,2 black
12. Add a drop shadow of 2,2, 100, 10 black to your frame and repeat
but change your V & H to -2
13. Selection tool, start at the top left and move to the bottom right so
your whole frame is selected
14. Choose anothewr paper, I am using paper7, copy and paste as a new layer
and drag under your frame
15. Selections, invert, delete. Do Not de select yet
16. Copy your tube, paste as a new layer over your paper, but under your
frame and delete again. Select none
17. Choose a tag from the Alix kit, I am using tag4, copy merged and paste
as a new layer under your frame
18. Resize by 60%, duplicate, mirror and flip
19. Open your frame again, Copy fleur3, and paste as a new layer
20. Resize by 27% and move to the top left of your frame
21. Highlight your mask layer and use your raster deform tool to squish
it in at the top and bottom so its under your tags
22. Change your backround to pattern and use a paper of choice, your
foreground to black
23. Text tool, I used Passions Conflict ROB, size 30, type out your name
24. Add your correct copyright and watermark
25. Save and your done!


~ by aurien on September 3, 2008.

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